Why do you wash your teeth with poop?

Finally available - a revolutionary discovery for killing bacteria on your toothbrush!

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  • Protect your toothbrush from pollution by excrement particles!
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„Perfect for a small bathroom“
„For our tiny bathroom, this is a great thing. Everything is so confined and I do believe that excrement particles from the toilet might have ended up over our toothbrushes.” *
„My wife won’t be disgusted anymore“
„When she saw on TV how poop ends up on a toothbrush, my wife was in a state of shock. I don’t mind it, I’m not squeamish, but she really is. However, with this device she settled down finally.” *
„Excellent for the sensitive“
„My mom is really sensitive, as if her immune system doesn’t exist at all. That’s the reason because every protection from bacteria and viruses is more than welcome, and I bought Toothbrush Disinfector as soon as it appeared.” *
„I don’t get it at all“
„My wife persuaded me into ordering 2 of these. She’s very pleased, but I don’t see why. I only see some light turns on, how can I tell whether it does anything.” *